Babease is the practice of Registered Midwife, Andreia Situm and associates.
Our clients expect the best and we provide it!"

Prenatal Care.
Innovative routine model of care by scheduled prenatal visits allow women the opportunity to review medical, genetic, ultrasound results, discuss concerns at each stage of pregnancy and prepare for the event of childbirth.
Lion's Gate Hospital Birth
Active privileges allow Registered Midwives to admit and deliver baby at a friendly Labour/Delivery Unit and discharge mom and baby from maternity unit of Lion’s Gate Hospital.
Birthing at home.
Home/water delivery is an option and informed choice for low-risk healthy term pregnancy. Midwives are legally recognized as autonomous health care providers and practice under BC Health Professions Act and CMBC Bylaws.
Postpartum Care
Scheduled home visits for the first two weeks postpartum for mother and newborn, allow a gentle recovery and adjustment after childbirth. Providing help with latch/breastfeeding, engorgement, Postpartum visit at four weeks takes place in the clinic and at six weeks mom and baby are discharged from midwifery care back into the care of their family physician.

Babease Midwifery practices under the authority of the BC Medical Services Plan. Please note that BC Care Card covers all midwifery services as integral part of BC Health Care.