What is a midwife?

In British Columbia, a midwife is a registered health care professional who provide primary care to low-risk women throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. Also, provide care for both mother and baby during the six-weeks following birth.

What does it cost to use a midwife?

Midwifery services are completely funded by the BC Care Card or BC Ministry of Health, however initial visit with more than one midwife will be covered only if a client is enrolled into care at the time of the initial appointment, otherwise the cost need to be covered by a client.

How do I sign up for Babease Midwifery Care?

It is the best if you fill out intake form or contact us at 604-983-0949 from Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm. Please allow 2-3 business days for a reply.

When should I contact a midwife?

Call us anytime as you’ve confirmed pregnancy. Not only is demand for midwives high, but it is beneficial to access prenatal care at the beginning of your pregnancy. You do not need referral to see a midwife

Can I have both a midwife and a doctor?

No. Women can have either a midwife or a doctor for pregnancy, birth and newborn care. Midwives, obstetricians and family physicians are all considered primary caregivers taking responsibility for your care.

Can midwives run the same kinds of tests as doctors?

Yes. We can arrange all routine prenatal testing including ultrasound, genetic screening, as well as standard laboratory and diagnostic tests.

What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

A birth doula is a trained labour support person, providing emotional and physical support to a laboring women and her partner. She is not a medical professional and services not covered by BC care card. You would find and pay your doula yourself.

Can Midwives prescribe, order and administer drugs?

Yes. Please refer to CNMBC for a complete list of medication (antibiotics, anaesthetics,anti-fungals, anti-nauseants/anti-emetics, anti-viral, corticosterioids, histamine antagonists, Immune globulins, intravenous fluids, inhalants, narcotic antagonist, nitrates, non-steroidal anti-inflammatoris, sympathomimetics, uterotonic agents etc.etc.

What if there is complication?

Midwives are trained as first responders in obstetrical emergencies, neonatal resuscitation and CPR. Obstetricians, pediatricians , OR team and anaesthisiologist are on-call 24/7. Care is transferred from a midwives to appropriate specialist.

What about back up midwives for client’s care?

We work with other midwives with privileges at LGH in order for our patients to have access and care 24 hours a day every day when in labour or emergency or if your midwife is off for the weekend, or ill or on holidays.