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Andreia Situm Vancouver Midwife

Babease is the midwifery practice of Andreia Situm and associates. Andreia is a highly educated midwife who has been in practice for over 20 years. In her native Croatia, as well as being a certified Nurse/Midwife, she has a Bachelor Degree in Science, with post graduate studies in Bio Medicine. Upon arrival in Canada, she recertified through the College of Midwives of Ontario and practiced at McMaster University Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital. She relocated to BC in 2006 and is currently practicing in North Vancouver out of Lion’s Gate Hospital. Andreia is Surgical Assist at Lion’s Gate Hospital. She completed this program through University of British Colombia and McMaster University in 2015.

During her many years as a Midwife and over thousand deliveries, to her credit, she has found that the addition of a new family member involves more than just maternal and infant care. It is an emotional transition for the entire family, in which she is delighted to play a supportive role.