A few words from our happy clientele.

"I thought that Andreia was amazing! She did an incredible job helping, and her guidance was remarkable. I will make sure I have her as my midwife with my next child and I will recommend Andreia to my friends and colleagues, Thank you Andreia!"

- A new mother

"We felt we could not have had better care during and after my pregnancy. Aside from being pleasant and courteous, the midwives I met were all very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for all your time and efforts."

- A new mother

"I was most impressed with Andreia and her skills and confidence. She is very committed to her clients and goes beyond what I would ever have expected. She made what could have been a difficult pregnancy and birth, one that was liberating."

- Kylie + John


"I had a very positive, empowering experience because of the help and assistance you all provided. My husband and I were very confident in our home birth choice because we felt so comfortable with the quality of care you gave us. The pregnancy and birth were exactly as I had envisioned them to be. The care you provided after the baby was born was exceptional. It was great to have you come to us. I have been talking so highly of my birth story to everyone I see, and have been talking so highly of you all. We can't wait until the next pregnancy now!!

- Heather + Havier

"Thank you for being a special part of a significant time in our lives. We especially appreciate all of the support you gave me in regards to natural birth and the final c-section decision. Your compassion, understanding and sensitivity to my desires and needs in the area were much cherished. Think you for all your encouragement and for validating all my feelings in this particular respect. And thanks for taking a special interest in our case. You will always be remembered.
Sincerely yours,"

- Rosi + Emily

"Thank you so much for being my midwife. I know it wasn't easy to squeeze me in so far into my pregnancy and I appreciate so much that you and your clinic were so willing to do that and enable me to have another successful and wonderful home birth. You midwives are such a peaceful, calming presence to have around during labour and delivery - actually during pregnancy and postpartum too! Why wouldn't everyone want a midwife? Please pass along my thanks to Sandra and Heather as well. I will never forget you and the kind, caring way you and your colleague did you job..
With warm thanks for your thoughtfulness."

- The Jakob Family